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Who Are We

Started in 1958 Mawanalla by beloved father of Chulani Weerasekara who is acclaimed as the pillar of success Late Mr.Sirisena Weerasekara, Sri Lanka with a handful of employees, we now boost a staff-strength of over 200 with operations spread all over Sri Lanka through our network of 8 branches and partner companies in Botswana, Zambia and Japan.

Jayasiri Logo

Jayasiri Motors is the largest importers and distributors of automotive spare parts in Sri Lanka. We serve the whole nation and many parts of the southern African Region. Our global supply base and exclusive distributorship right from Japan offers and obvious advantage to provide quality parts at the right price. we import the best and accessories from trusted sources in Singapore, Japan and the Malayasia.

We are a wide range of automotive spare parts and quality customer service to the wholesale and retail Island wide. our massive auto parts including engines, gearbox, electrical and body parts. Our professional management team and trained, customer service orientes sales personnel are highly qualified to meet your needs.

Our Vision.

To Become the most reliable pioneer Automobile Solution of Sri Lanka.

Our Mission.

Service of a professional, diligent and experienced staff to be provided to the customers.

Importing qualitative and reliable vehicle parts and distributing them at a reasonable price.

Standardization in the Automotive industry is established by updating with new technology.

Any automobile service to be fulfilled affably as quickly as possible.

Customer satisfaction is fulfilled by the well managed service provided by our staff.

The eulogy of Jayasiri Brand is to provide reliable certification to its customers and we are dedicated continually.

Path to The Victory

First Step

Sirisena Weerasekara introduced the Jayasiri Brand to the world by starting the vehicle spare parts selling business for the first time in Mawanella under the name Jayasiri Motors.

Starting Jayasiri Motors

Managing director Chulani Weerasekra established Jayasiri Motors as a private company and Jayasiri brand networked into the business platforms in Sri Lanka.

Starting Jayasiri Auto Parts

Consideration of the market demand towards new vehicle spare parts and reconditioned spare parts and for selling Jayasiri Auto Parts Private Limited was established.

Starting Jayasiri Windscreen House

Jayasiri Windscreen House Pvt Limited was established, by considering and to fulfil the Sri Lankan market demand on glass used in vehicles.t

Starting Jayasiri Auto Land

Jayasiri brand was expanded out from Mawanella to Anuradhapura, Galkulama Jayasiri Auto Land Pvt Limited.

Starting Jayasiri Auto Bodyshop

Expanding the path of the Jayasiri group of organizations Jayasiri Auto Body Shop Pvt Limited was established.

Starting Jayasiri Auto Engineering

Fulfilling the customer demands on automobile services Jayasiri Auto Engineers Pvt Limited was established in Beligammana.

Our Team

chulani weerasekara

Chulani Weerasekara (Managing Director/ President of Jayasiri Groups)

Mr. Chulani Weerasekara is the President and the Managing Director of Jayasiri Group of Companies. He has been in Automotive, Holiday Resort and Land Management industries for more than 38 years and earned the certification of reliability for the Jayasiri Brand in the industry. Chulani Weerasekara has a degree in Automotive Technology from Nihon Automobile College of University (NATS) in Chiba, Japan which leads his success via both theoretical and practical knowledge. Chulani Weerasekara apart from being a successful businessman has adorned posts in a set of idealistic social organizations. Director of International Lion Club District 306C1, treasurer at Used Motor Spare Parts Importers Association (UMSIA) and President of Mawanella Traders Association who is a member of Sri Lanka Automobile Services Providers Association (SLASPA) are offered to Mr. Chulani Weerasekara for his reliable great hardy leadership. Chulani Weerasekara has great intention to support the trade sector in the country with the Jayasiri Brand.

sagarika Rathnapala

Sagarika Rathnapala Weerasekara (Executive Director of Jayasiri Groups)

Mrs. Sagarika Weerasekara has been in the Business field for more than 25years and has been as the non-executive director of Jayasiri Groups since 1996. Business management, personnel control and with the updated knowledge of new entries of business, her role in Jayasiri Groups has made a successful contribution to the group itself. She has done admirable service to develop Jayasiri Groups and her dedication, encouragement, and business intelligence has always done a supreme contribution to the excellence of the Jayasiri Brand Name.

sajana weerasekara

Sajana Weerasekara (Executive Director Jayasiri Groups)

Sajana Weerasekara is a director of Jayasiri Business Group and is the leader of the Vehicle Spare Parts Distribution Division. He has a degree in Business Management from Sussex College of United Kingdom and has both theoretical and practical knowledge on automotive. Sajana Weerasekara has been in the business group since 2017 with the updated new automotive industrial knowledge. His contribution to the Jayasiri Brand goes through the new dimensions of the automotive industry and has focused on establishing new industrial innovations.

sapna weerasekara

Sapna Weerasekara (Executive Director Jayasiri Groups)

Sapna Weerasekara is a director of Jayasiri Business Group and is the leader of the Service Provider Division. He has a diploma of Automotive Engineering Technology of Heavy and Light Vehicles from Box Hill Institute of Australia. Also, he is a diplomat in Sports Automotive Technology from the High-Performance Academy of New Zealand. He is a specialist of EFI tuning, building sports car engines and Diesel/Petrol tuning. Accordingly, with the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience a qualitative service is provided to his customers. His academic profile also includes a business management diploma which was obtained from the Australian College of Business and Technology – ACBT. He contributes to update his staff with new technology. He has joined the journey of Jayasiri Groups since 2018 as an executive and with his practical knowledge and experience he has provided a friendly service and leads the group.


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